I grew up skateboarding, playing video games, and listening to grunge and punk. For as long as I can remember I’ve made art. Whether it be drawing, writing,
recording, or designing, I’ve always lived my life with that spirit. I’m a contrarian by nature. The word “vindicated” is meant to empower you to be exactly who you are no matter the circumstances. Just be true to yourself. That’s punk rock! You don’t have to have pink hair or spikes on your jacket to embody the spirit of punk rock. You could be on wall street or be a doctor and still be punk rock if that is truly what nature intended for you. Another way for me to expresss what “vindicated” means, for me, is to say “Fuck You” to anyone who stands in your way. I’m doing things how I want with my life. No one has control over me and never will.

With love,
Keith Varon